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Our Approach

If chosen to be your partner in transforming your home into the timeless estate you dream of, we promise to approach your project as thoughtfully as we approach our own.

Here are the things we keep in mind when creating a KCS Estate:

  • The Site - What are its strengths and weaknesses? How can we play up its strengths and turn its weaknesses into design and lifestyle opportunities?
  • Personality - Every site and neighborhood community has its unique personality. An important aspect of becoming timeless is to be harmonious with your surroundings without becoming one of the pack.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Integration - How can the indoor and outdoor living spaces, landscape and views be integrated to create a living experience that encompasses ALL of the property and a variety of uses?
  • Flexibility - A floorplan that serves the needs of a family's evolving use of space over time
  • Timeless Design -Fusion of traditional architecture with the clean, simple lines of modern design.
  • Impact Points -- Determination of where high impact design elements should be featured. Like a great play, a timeless estate has a few starring roles supported by an outstanding cast.
  • Quality Construction - Nothing dates a home faster than poor quality construction and its inability to remain beautiful during the wear and tear of everyday living.
  • Balance of design, function and cost - keeping this in mind and achieving the right balance is the key to our success